Frequently Asked Questions


The Service


1.     Exactly what sort of service do you provide?  We forward your mail to you, based upon the address you provide to us.  Your mail will be received at a post office box in Pahrump, Nevada.  As you travel, you keep us advised of your forwarding address and we forward your mail to you.

2.     What if I don’t know where my next stop will be?  You can ask us to “hold until further notice,” or you can ask us to forward to General Delivery in the town where you next plan to stop.  If there are branch post offices in your town, your mail will go to the main post office and will be available for pickup for a period of 30 days, after which it will be returned to us.

3.     Can you send by Priority Mail?  First class mail weighing more than 13 ounces is always sent as Priority Mail.  We will use Priority Mail for smaller parcels if you wish.

4.     What about Express Mail?  Mail can be forwarded using Express Mail service, upon your request.  Experience teaches us Express Mail is fastest in metropolitan areas, and is about the same as Priority or first class for rural areas.

5.     What about parcels?  Parcels can be forwarded by Priority Mail, UPS, or FedEx.  Priority Mail and Express mail are usually less expensive than UPS or FedEx and will reach you just as quickly.

6.  Can you send mail for me?  Yes, if you have correspondence you wish mailed with a Pahrump post mark, simply send it to J&B Mailroom in an envelope, or by email or fax, and we will send it from Pahrump.  You do not need to apply postage.  We use digital-electronic scales and can always apply the exact postage necessary.  There is no extra charge for this service and only the actual postage will be billed to your account.


Junk Mail


1.     How do you handle ‘junk mail?’  Anything addressed to “or Current Resident” is automatically discarded.

2.     Most documents from financial institutions will be forwarded to you, unless you expressly request they be discarded.  Financial institutions frequently mark their correspondence “Important Account Information,” or something similar, when it is important only to them.  Rather than take a chance something important does not reach you, we forward the correspondence.

3.     Many of our customers are retired and have investment accounts.  The account managers like to send you Proxy Notices and Account Reports.  Many such items can be as large or heavy as National Geographic magazine.  Unless you take a personal involvement in the management of your account, simply request that we do not forward account summaries and prospectuses.  Letter size statements will continue to be forwarded to you.

4.     Credit card offers.  We routinely trash balance transfer offers, assuming you already know how to handle your accounts.  Some credit card companies like to send you correspondence marked “Your Immediate Attention Required,” when all they want to do is sell you account insurance.  We do not like to open your mail and prefer to err on the side of caution.  Mail having the appearance of importance will be forwarded to you.


Auto Registration and Insurance, Voter Registration


1.     What is my physical address?  Your physical address, for purposes of registering and insuring your vehicle, will be 3590 N. Blagg Rd., Pahrump, NV 89060-2604.  Make sure you notify the clerks at DMV or your insurance agent, all correspondence MUST BE addressed to your post office box (this is often a separate item on your forms and is labeled mailing address. 

2.     Can I register my vehicle by mail?  The state of Nevada requires you to present your vehicle for inspection by a DMV employee to verify the VIN number of your vehicle.  Your vehicle can be registered at any DMV office in Nevada, and you will usually save time by registering in one of the smaller communities.  Be sure the clerk is aware you are registering with a physical address in Nye County and a smog check will not be required.  Subsequent registration renewal can be completed online at  You can also contact the DMV office if you have questions regarding fees or special usage.

3.     How do I register to vote?  Voter registration can be completed when you register your vehicle.  All voting will be done by absentee ballot mailed to the Nye County Clerk in Tonopah, Nevada.  You may also contact the Nye County Clerk. to request an absentee ballot.




1.     Do you offer a ‘prestige address’ instead of a post office box?  No.  To reduce incidents of mail fraud by less than reputable businesses operating from a post office box, the post office requires Commercial Mail Receiving Agents to add PMB (personal mail box) in the address of customers, alerting correspondents they are dealing with a business using a mail forwarding service.  Because our customers use a post office box in their mailing address, PMB is not required.

2.     Can I pay by credit card?  Of course!  Because the major credit card companies charge approximately $400 for a ‘merchant’s kit’ to setup each credit card, we use Pay Pal.  You can log onto my web site and click the Pay Pal link in the lower right corner to make a payment by credit card, or use your bank ATM card if it has a VISA or Master Card logo.  Payments are secure and as easy as making any online purchase.  You do not need to sign up with Pay Pal to send a payment, a Pay Pal account is only needed to receive payments.  Naturally, you can still pay by personal check or money order.

3.     How often will you send me a bill?  You will be reminded to renew your subscription for service when your subscription has run out.  You will be sent an invoice for postage used and the amount needed to restore your deposit when more than $20 has been used.  Typically, a reminder to renew your subscription will be sent once each year; to restore your postage deposit, only as needed.

4.  Can I use my business name for my address?  Yes, many small businesses prefer to incorporate in Nevada for cost saving reasons.  City, County, State, and Federal offices will often send you mail using only your business name.  Please be sure we are aware of ALL names you expect to receive mail for so we can be certain it is forwarded to you.



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