Let's face it, filling out government forms may not be rocket science, but sometimes a little help is needed. I hope this page will simplify the information needed. You do not need to send two copies of PS Form 1583. I have a copy machine and will keep one copy for me and submit the other copy to my local postmaster. Put the following information in the blocks indicated:

1. The date you are filling out this form.

2. List the names of all persons to receive mail for this account. (John & Mary Jones; Estelle Burton; Cindy Smith, etc., especially if a married daughter or other relative has a different surname than yours.)

3. The address people will use to send mail to you.

Your Name
PO Box 6540
Pahrump, NV 89041-6540

4. The name and address of your Commercial Mail Receiving Agent.

J&B Mailroom
PO Box 5799
Pahrump, NV 89041-5799

I use several different PO Boxes for my customers, but my business address is PO Box 5799.

5. Your signature in block 5 authorizes employees of J&B Mailroom to sign for certified or registered mail addressed to you.

6. The name of the person completing this form.

7. The address where you wish your mail forwarded. (Of course this will frequently change. You need only provide the information once and I will keep it updated after that.)

8. The US Post Office wants me to insure that you are YOU. Make Xerox copies of two forms of picture ID and include them with your completed PS Form 1583. OR, if you have a notary sign in block 15, you do not need to submit any proof of identification.

9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 are required ONLY if you will conduct business from this address.

15. Signature of notary if you are not submitting ID. Notaries are usually available at banks, libraries, and offices of real estate agents or attorney's. Your city or county clerk may provide notary service free of charge.

16. Your signature completes this form.

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