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To All Our Customers and Friends

We are all aware of the recent postal rate increase. According to news reports, the Post Office will again ask for another rate increase in the near future.

At the Mailroom, we do not add a surcharge to the cost of forwarding your mail. The amount billed to your account is the actual amount we pay to the Post Office.

When you began with J&B Mailroom, you deposited $25 to cover the cost of postage. Each time we forward mail to you, the cost is deducted from that deposit. When only a small portion remains, we send you an itemized invoice for postage used and the amount needed to restore your deposit.

The only effect the postal rate increase will have is that frequency of billing will be increased. Some of you have very little correspondence, and you will receive a bill only once every two or three years. Others have a large amount of correspondence, and you will be billed every six to eight weeks as necessary.

We certainly hope our policies will not cause you any confusion or concern.

Thank you,

Marianne Hybarger, Owner
J&B Mailroom
PO Box 5799
Pahrump, NV 89041-5799

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